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personal impressions

Steve Carosello Oct. 2015
I’m reflecting on how, in just one week, I’ve seen 3 exceptional local acts, as completely varied as 3 acts could possibly be, but similar in their focus on inspiration and excellence. Thanks, Spectator, keokuk, and The Educated Guess!

Steve Scariano Dec. 2015
A mega inspirational set of multi layered psychedelia from the great keokuk at the Tap Room tonight. Thank you Curtis, Andrea, Zane, and Dominic! You guys were so great tonight.

Sharon Derry Feb. 2015
Finally, keokuk played. That band is so damned wacky. Talk about people who are clearly playing for the sheer love of playing. Curtis Hendricks, Andrea Spencer, Zane Spencer and Dominic Schaeffer have a groove that’s just so…groovy…and they are just weird and hypnotic and doing their own thing and I dug the shit out of it.

Michael Martin  July 2014
Had my mind blown by the band Keokuk last night at Melt. This band grooves! Really enjoyed watching a whole band of talented musicians with nice arrangements, interesting parts and again groove. Go see these guys next time they play out.


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