playing groove-centric hi-fidelic original songs with a taste of rock sloppy- to further hold your interest. the lyrics of songwriter Curtis Hendricks reflect upon the fun and anguish, terror and delight of everyday life.

keokuk’s roots dig deep into the history of the Saint Louis DIY music scene…

  • Andrea Spencer drums (Pelvic Girdles, Kevin Rennick Band)
  • Curt Hendricks vocalist/ guitar (Plaid Cattle, Pelvic Girdles,  psychotronics)
  • Dominic Schaeffer saxes/loops (Earwacks, Funkabilly, psychotronics)
  • Zane Spencer bass (PXB, keokuk)

From STLMAG:  “There are a few things that make Keokuk a unique band, not the least of which is that the group’s got the rarity of a mother/son rhythm section in Andrea Spencer (drums) and Zane Spencer (bass). And the fact that core members Dominic Schaeffer (sax and loops) and Curt Hendricks (guitar and vocals) spent years orbiting one another in the local independent rock scene before finally hooking up in a band that’s something of Keokuk’s predecessor, pyschotronics…

But this band’s very much an entity of its own, with Schaeffer’s prominent sax work an element not heard in your typical rock ’n’ roll band; while Hendricks’ guitar work is definitely a sound that he’s carried with him through underrated acts such as Electric Sheep and Plaid Cattle.”  Thomas Crone 9/16

Robust psych and some
Fun House sax on a speeding
Train to Ohhh hellsss yesss

From HaikuLou